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According to the plan engraved in marble, IIIrd AD (Lanciani, Forma Urbis, pl.23)

The portico of Livia

A bit of architecture :
- What do the small circles (B) represent ? Based on this map, can you give the definition of the word "portico" ?
- Find out : what is the recess (A) called ?
- How is the temple positioned in the square ? What is it facing and why is it positioned in this way ?

The portico's political role :
- Why did Augustus choose to build this portico in the district of Subure ?
- Why did he call it the portico of Livia ?
- Temple of "Concordia Augusta" : for what reasons did Augustus choose to be represented, along with Livia, in the form of Mars and Venus ? Help
- Find out : In Greco-Roman mythology, what was the relationship between Mars and Venus ? What aspect of their story does Augustus overlook ? Why ?

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