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With the kind authorization of the Museum of Antique Arles
The colossal statue at the theatre of Arles

    This is a statue of emperor Augustus. Colossal in size (3.10m), it was installed in the theatre of Arles around 10 BC.

   At the end of the Republic, and even more so under the rule of Augustus, the theatre stage wall (frons scenae) lends itself to the display of rich décor with political content : protecting divinities, members of the prince's family, symbols of the new regime.
The spectators are seated on tiers on a hierarchical basis according to rank (senators, knights, plebs) and sex. This conveys the image of an orderly society which the emperor planned to organize. Augustus' statue, (most probably placed at a height, which would explain why the head is tilted slightly downward), represents for the public the reassuring image of social order, guaranteed by the tutelary presence of the prince.