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Analysis of the image

1- Search the site to identify the three people represented here and the way in which they are related, as well as their family tie with Augustus.
2- Compare the child's garment with that of the other boys shown on the same side. What are they wearing ? How is their hair styled ?
3- The child is dressed in the Trojan way :
- He wears a heavy necklace around his neck : what is this necklace called (the jewel has the same name as the necklace worn by the Gauls and the Germans) ?
- Find a person dressed in the same way on another side of the monument (nb. this cannot be seen in a picture, but it does figure in the text). What is the meaning of the similarity of these garments ?
4- Why, instead of Augustus who is depicted in the role of Supreme Pontiff, does Agrippa lead the Julio-Claudian family? To answer, consult his biography.
5- The depiction of Livia : compare this depiction with a statue of Livia situated in the Louvre museum. For each one, choose one or several words from the following list and above all… justify your answer :
Fortuna dea matrona virgo regina Ceres ancilla.

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