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Prayer for Peace during the anniversary of the dedication of the Ara Pacis, on January 30th

        Ipsum nos carmen deducit Pacis ad aram:
610   haec erit a mensis fine secunda dies.             
        Frondibus Actiacis comptos redimita capillos,
        Pax, ades, et toto mitis in orbe mane.
        Dum desunt hostes, desit quoque causa triumphi :
        tu ducibus bello gloria major eris.
615   Sola gerat miles, quibus arma coerceat, arma,   
        canteturque fera nil nisi pompa tuba.
        Horreat Aeneadas et primus et ultimus orbis :
        si qua parum Romam terra timebit, amet.
        Tura, sacerdotes, pacalibus addite flammis,
620   albaque percussa victima fronte cadat.          
        Utque domus, quae praestat eam, cum pace perennet
        ad pia propensos vota rogate deos.

Ovid, complete Works, Fasti I, 709-722, from the Nisard Edition, Paris, 1857

Lexicon of the text

1- Who is Ovid ? What is his most famous book ? Find out the main facts about his life. Find out when the Faste were written.
2- What is the meaning of the noun faste in english ? Of the adjective faste ? What is the antonym of the adjective ?
3- In Rome, what is meant by the noun Faste ?
4- Find the lexical fields for peace, and for war. Which victory is described in the first verses as the basis for this peace ?
5- Find and analyse the verbs of verses 712, 719, 722, then those of verses 713, 715, 716, 718, 720, 721 : which moods and tenses are dominant ? In what way does their use in this text direct us towards its tone ?
6- What does the word domus, in verse 721, mean ? Find a word in the text which refers to the same reality.
7- Find the lexical field for religion. Which adjective refers to one of the virtues that Augustus wishes to re-establish (Help) ? What is the ceremony that takes place on January 30th, during the anniversary of the Ara Pacis dedication.

8- What link can be made between this text and the bas-relief on the Ara Pacis representing Rome in arms ?

To conclude : what was the role of poetry in Augustus' politics ? Give your opinion : do you think it would be appropriate to say that this is a work of propaganda ?

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