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 D I O N Y S O S 
Introduction - The myth The attributes of the godThe cult - Festival days in Athens - Antique iconography - Modern iconography - Dionysos and the theatre - Greek theatre and Euripide's Bacchae - Dionysos in ancient Greek literature - References and links 
Study of iconography - Bacchus, myth and cult - Sophocles' Antigone

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References and links

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The myth of Dionysos

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Dionysos and the theatre

- NIETZSCHE, Naissance de la tragédie (The Birth of Tragedy), Gallimard, éd. de la Pléiade, vol I.


  The Perseus Digital Library offers primary and secondary sources for the study of ancient Greece and Rome : texts (Greek and English traduction), pictures of many works concerning Dionysos and Bacchus, for example the vase Harvard 1960-347 (Dionysos seated amid attendants and gods).

 The Beazley Archive
A Database of more than 70 000 Athenian vases with over 30 000 images, with notices.

A Database by French Museums. Search "Dionysos", with pictures. You can see many works concerning the legend of Dionysos.

  Photo Agency of National French Museums
This site, created by the photo agency of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, opens up access for everyone, professional or amateur, to a fabulous catalogue of online photographs of artistic works. Over 200 000 photographs of works of art collected in the national and regional museums of France, museums such as the Louvre, Orsay, the Centre Georges Pompidou or the Picasso Museum are accessible on the Internet.


 Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Consult the cultural map of museums, monuments and Archeological Sites of Hellas : plans, photos and notices.

 Mosaics in Tunisia
The mosaics collection in this site bear witness to more than 4 and half centuries of Roman rule in Tunisia. Consult the chapter Dionysis, with three pictures of mosaics from Sousse and El' Jem.

  The last days of Zeugma (fr)
Zeugma sits in an area that will be covered in the waters of the Euphrates, as part of the Birecik Dam project.
The website of Zeugma presents the history of the excavacations and some of the mosaics whiche were discovered and saved.
A film produced by Arte follows the work of the archaeologists in Zeugma and includes in particular very moving scenes on the discovery of frescos.
Consult other documents and photos on the following sites :


  Classical Myth : The Ancient Sources
This site is designed to draw together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology. We were most interested in bringing together the ancient sources and illustrations, but have included some Renaissance images that were just too good to leave out. The site is primarily intended for the use of Greek and Roman Mythology students at the University of Victoria, but feel free to look around !

  Figures of Ariadne (fr)
Texts (Catulle's Poems, carmen LXIV, 50 - 70) and iconography : Ariadne and Dionysos, Ariadne and Theseus...
A beautiful story of Ariadne with images of Pompei.

  Villa of the Mysteries (fr)
A visit with photographs and videos.